De Ruiter Seed Health and Technology

De Ruiter is committed to providing growers with healthy vegetable seeds. To ensure we offer you the best options available when it comes to seed health, we developed our SHIELD program, which stands for:

  • Seed
  • Health
  • Innovation and
  • Excellence through
  • Leadership and
  • Discipline

SHIELD is a comprehensive care program that brings together seed sanitation, seed health testing and field inspection in a way that provides you with the optimum seed health. The aim of SHIELD is to deliver:

  • Assurance that our customers are purchasing clean and high-quality seeds.
  • Collaboration with national and international industry seed health groups to keep the worldwide seed supply healthy and robust for growers.
  • Accessibility to information, technology and seed health education and training to support growers’ knowledge of seed health standards, testing and field management.
  • Plant pathology to ensure seeds are protected from both existing and newly developing diseases.
  • Testing and tracking for seed-borne diseases to maintain healthy seeds.
  • Technology, which is the foundation for promptly resolving seed health problems and for supplying clean seeds.

For more information on seed health and the SHIELD program, contact:

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